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Sri Basavanna was born in the 12th century A.D, to a brahmin named Mandenga Madanmantri in a village Ingleshwara, near Bagewadi, in present-day Bijapur district of Karnataka, India.

Basavanna - As a young boy, Basavanna refused to wear the brahminical thread of initiation, as it would require him to worship the sun as prescribed in the vedas. Shortly, he escaped from his conservative parents and accompanied by his sister, fled to Kalyana(in present day Bidar district of Karnataka), the capital of a conuntry ruled by the Jain king - Bijjala. The minister of the king - Baladeva was Basavanna's own uncle who gave his daughter in marraige to Basavanna. After Baladeva's death Basavanna succeedded him in his office as a minister.

Basava's personality is multi-faceted. He is the treasure of devotion, a great mystic, a rationalist, visionary, social reformer, a well-wisher of the downtrodden classes and a great promoter of the women's lot.

He upheld the dignity of labour, spiritualized work and evolved new work ethics relative to philosophy & life, naming it as 'Kayaka', which is invariably linked with the principle of 'Dasoha'.

He evolved the Vachana Sahitya for preaching his ideas to people in a language understood by every common man not well versed in Sanskrit.

His bold steps to eradicate untouchability and preaching for equality of women are unforgettable chapters in India's religious and socio-political history, which conform with present day democratic ethics.

Basavanna gave religion a new connotation by evolving the scientific spirituality of our inner self.

He is truly a father of total revolution, a revolution of mind and thought.

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