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Basava Dharma
Basava Dharma  
Sri Basaveshwar  
Basava Dharma, is named after the great 12th century reformer and founder of the supreme path - 'BASAVANNA', in India.

Basava Dharma stands on a strong footing of two basic principles of 'Kayaka' & 'Dasoha'.Anyone can take to Basava Dharma irrespective of age, gender, caste, nationality or profession, by the Guru(Arivu) through 'Deeksha, which gives a man the 'Ishta-linga'.

To become one with the almighty, a Basava Dharma follower should imbibe and cultivate the three fundamental ideal, viz.:

1. Ashtavarana - The eight qualities: Guru, Linga, Jangama, Padodaka, Prasada, Mantra, Vibhuti & Rudrakshi

2. Pancha Achara - The five practices: Lingachara, Shivacharam Sadachara, Bhutyachara, Ganachara

3.Shatashala - The six stages or phases: Shatsthala,Maheswarasthala,Prasadsthala, Pranlingasthala, Sharanasthala, Aikyasthala

The above said virtues are simple to follow and practice and also good towards personal and universal peace and contentment.
His Holiness - Basaveshwar

Basava Dharma guarantees women an equal status with men, so gender differentiation in matters, religious and social was put to a stop. Hence as many as forty authoresses of vachanas discussed the religious doctrines with saints like Basava, ChennaBasava, Allam Prabhu and Siddharama.

Basava Dharma practices the basic tenets of a democracy - social equality & universal brotherhood. The same tenets preached by innumerable social scientists of the present day.

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