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Sri Danamma Devi  
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Sri Danamma Devi

There lived a couple named Anantrai and Shirasamma in a small village called Umarani, situated in Jat Taluka, District Sangli Maharastra and belonged to the Vishwakarma caste. Though they belonged to the Vishwakarma community, they worshiped Veermallaya with great devotion.

The couple were very worried as they had no children. One day, they went to the temple of Lord Veeramallayya and worshipped the god with great devotion and prayed for an issue. The same night Shirasamma dreamt of Lord Veeramallayya saying that very soon she will give birth to Goddess Parvathi. He also said that she would not be an ordinary child, that she will not cry, drink milk or water unless she is given Lingadharana.

In due course of time, she gave birth to a very beautiful baby girl. One day lord Veeramallayya himself came to Anantrai’s house in the guise of a Jangamas and gave her Lingadhiksha and named her Lingamma. Lingamma was always devoted to Lord Shiva. She grew up into a very beautiful maiden, but without any passion for worldly life. She wanted to go to Shrishaila, to see Mallikarjuna and meditate with him. She took permission from her parents and visited Shrishaila, where she did severe penance without food and water.

Atlast Lord Mallikarjuna appeared before Lingamma and told her to accept Veershaiva Dharma and preach the principles of Veershaiveism to common people. He bestoved her with the power to fulfill the wishes of common people who came to here. According to his wish she travelled from place to place preaching the principles of Veershaivism . Her parents were worried for their daughter, she then appeared in her parents dream and told them not to worry about her and If at all they wanted to see her they should make an idol of her and install it in Guddapur. According to her wish her parents installed a very beautiful stone idol in Guddapur.

Wandering and preaching to common people she came to Basavakalyana. There she stayed with an old poor lady in her hut and preached Veershaiva dharma. People were attracted by her speech and thousands gathered to listen her. She dusted her palloo and miraculously, gleaming diamond, pearls and gems showered on the ground. Seeing this, people started worshipping her as goddess Parvati. She wanted to meet Basavanna, before meeting she sat for Linga-pooja under the tree of Bilwapatri. She sat meditating there 21 days forgetting herself. At that time, flower trees showered flowers on her, seeing this people were surprised and news of this spread everywhere. People came by masses to worship her as a goddess.

The news of this miracle reached Neelambika and Gangamatha wives of Basavanna. They told Basavanna about Ningamma after hearing all this all of them went to Bilwapatri forest to see Lingamma. They were astounded by her divinity, aura and celestial beauty. The divinely beautiful shivasharana Lingamma opened her eyes and bowed down to touch them feet and take their blessing. But Neelambika and Gangabika embraced her and saw her moonlight like face and bright eyes with vibhuti on her forehead and invited her to their Mahamane (palace) and Basavanna renamed her as Danamma Devi and from then on Lingamma became Danamma Devi.

After visiting Basavakalyan Sri Danamma Devi proceeded to meet Siddarameshwara as she wanted to take his blessings. Then she told him to go and meet Basaveshwara in Basavakalyana and appealed him to join the social revolution,which was started by Basaveshwar and other sharanas.

As per her parents wishes she was married to Somanath of Kudalasangama in Sangatheerth near Guddapur.


Maha Nirvana:
Before attaining nirvana Sri Danamma Devi addressed the people who had gathered and said that though my body will disappear. I will always remain in your hearts. Those who will worship me heartily I will fulfill all their wishes.



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