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Sri Danamma Devi Devasthana, Haveri
The thought of a temple devoted to Sri Danamma Devi, to be built in Haveri, has been in the offing for several decades now, and finally took shape, when a group of women devotees in Haveri, took the initiative and held a meeting in 2003, which nominated nine devotees to lead the long aspired dream of building a temple of Sri Danamma Devi in Haveri. The meeting also unanimously suggested the name of Smt. Shobha Rajshekar Magavi as the President and Smt. Kotrawwa Channaveerappa Martur as its Vice-President. The devotees also authorized the members of the committee to take the lead in forming a trust to take the idea forward.

Sri Danamma Devi Devasthana Trust was thus legally formed and registered in Haveri on November 14, 2003.

The Trust Committee evaluated various options for building the temple, and finally selected a site near the city's J.H.Patel Circle, considering its proximity to the city-centre, which would enable easy access to devotees, from the entire city. The President of the Veerashaiva Taruna Sangha - Sri Shivanna Masur, a devotee himself, consented to allow the trust to build a temple on a portion of the land, and all the legal formalities for doing so, were completed.

The dream of a temple for Sri Danamma Devi finally took shape when the ground breaking ceremony of the temple was performed by His Holiness - Poojya Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru, Murugamath - Chitradurga, on July 2, 2004 - in the presence of several devotees, municipal councillors, members of the District Basava Kendra, members of the Devasthana Trust, including its President and the then Haveri Municipal President - Smt. Shobha Rajshekar Magavi and the President of the Veerashaiva Taruna Sangha.

The foundation for the temple was laid shortly after that. Devotees based in Haveri & in the neighbouring places started donating funds for the temple by their own will, based on their faith and the goodwill generated by the Devasthana Trust. It is to be noted that that the donors included people from all walks of life and from different communities and religions too. The first donors being Sri Ghour (a Muslim) & Sri K. Manjappa. Likewise, donations to complete the temple poured in also from different strata of the society, and their wishes & suggestions were duly considered while making decisions for the temple construction.
Sri Danamma Devi Devasthana, Haveri

The construction of the temple and the finishing was finally completed in January 2007. After due consultation & consideration, the temple was inaugrated on February 1, 2007, in the presence of:

  • His Holiness - Poojya Sri Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanaru, Murugamath - Chitradurga
  • His Holiness - Poojya Sri Shivalinga Mahaswamigalu, Hukkerimath - Haveri
  • His Holiness - Poojya Sri Shivabasava Swamigalu, Sri Hosamath - Haveri
  • His Holiness - Poojya Sri Gurunanjeshwar Shivacharyaru, Kudala
  • His Holiness - Poojya Sri Channabasava Mahaswamigalu, Hunusekallamath, Savanur
  • Hon'ble Minister for Panchayat Raj & Rural Development - Sri C. M. Udasi
  • Hon'ble Ex-Minister for Rural Irrigation - Sri K. B. Koliwad
  • Hon'ble Member of Parliament - Sri Manjunath Kunnur
  • Hon'ble M. L. A, Haveri - Sri Shivaraj Sajjanar
  • Hon'ble M. L. A, Shiggaon - Sri Rajashekar Sindhur
  • Hon'ble M. L. C, Sri Basavaraj Bommai
  • Hon'ble M. L. A, Hirekerur - Sri B. C. Patil
  • Hon'ble M. L. A, Ranibennur - Sri Shivanna Tilavalli
  • Hon'ble Ex-Minister for Ecology & Environment - Sri Basavaraj Shivannanavar
  • Hon'ble Ex-Member of Parliament - Prof. I. G. Sanadi
  • Hon'ble Members of the Press
  • Elected Representatives of Haveri District
  • Directors, The Haveri Urban Co-op Bank Ltd., Haveri
  • Directors, The Cardamom Co-op Bank Ltd., Haveri
  • Members, District Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Haveri
  • Merchant & Trade Associations, Haveri District
  • Directors, A. P. M. C., Haveri
  • Directors, P.L.D., Bank, Haveri
  • Directors, Sheep & Wool Co-op Society, Haveri
  • Directors, Mahalakshmi Co-op Society, Haveri
  • Donors & Devotees of Sri Danamma Devi
  • Members of Jilla Basava Kendra, Haveri
  • Members of Shraddha Sanstha, N.G.O., Haveri
  • Stree Shakti Groups, Haveri
  • Aishwarya Mahila Mandal, Haveri
  • Uday Yuvak Mandal, Haveri

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