|| Shri Guru Basavalingaya Nama || Basava Dharma
Vachanas by Sri. Basavanna
Basava Dharma  
Sri Basaveshwar  
:: Basavanna
Some of the Basava Vachanas are mentioned below:
1. I do not desire for the status of Brahma
nor do hanker after the position of Vishnu
Neither do I aspire for the rank of Rudra
oh Lord Kudala Sungama bless me
with status of knowing and serving the devotees
2. The supple snake glides along and slips into the anthill
the zig zag rivers course but points to the sea and devotees way
So crooked seeming. Just lead to you
Lord Kudala Sangama
3. My body is temple, my soul is the sanctum and the divine in core of my heart is lingam
The rich raise temples but poor as I am. This I shall do, my legs for pillars. My body for sanctum
My head, the golden Kalas complete
O Lord Kudala Sangama matter possesses, but spirit abides
4. Does the master live in the house or is he gone ?
The threshold is covered with gress
The house is filled with dust
Does the master live in the house or is he gone?
The body is infested with lies. The mind is on fire with desire
O God, Kudala Sangama. The master is not in the house
5. Do not steal, do not kill
Do not lie, do not lose your temper
Do not hate, other people
Do not praise yourself
Do not blame the enemy
This purity inner and outer
This is the way to please God Kudala Sangama.
6. Before the hair on your face turn grey and wrinkles appear on the cheeks
Before the teeth fall of and the body bends forward
B before you grow dependent on others, before you get week in knee and need a stick to walk
before old age ravages your look and death gets hold of you
pray to God Kudala Sangama
7. God is not pleased with him who conceives one thing in his mind
Another in his speech and a third in his action
God knows their heart and has nothing to do with them
O Lord Kudala Sangama
8. Those who have money build temples for Shiva, what can i build
A poor man, Lord I am
My body is the shrine
Its pillar are my legs,
the golden pinnacle my head
Hear me Lord Kudala Sangama
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