|| Shri Guru Basavalingaya Nama || Basava Dharma
Vachanas by Sri. Allama Prabhu
Basava Dharma  
Sri Basaveshwar  
:: Allamaprabhu
Some of the Vachanas are mentioned below:
1. Legs are pillars of my body,
And body is the temple,
My tongue is the bell,
My head the golden pinnacle. O, what is this?
Pranava has become teh throne for the linga
O Guheshwara I remained
Unshaken with the Pranalinga,
That is enshrined in my body

Body is the abode of Pranalinga,
Bathing in Akashgange,
Offering flowerless fragrance,
Chanting words 'Shiva Shiva'
In lotus heart,
This is advaita, O Lord Guheshwara


When I say 'Ba', my wheels of births is halted
When I utter 'Sa', I am omnicient
When I pronounce the letter 'Va', my soul is charged with spiritual energy
Knowing how these three syllables that make up 'Basava', effulge in all my limbs, I say
again and again 'Basava', 'Basava' Guheshwara

4. Go to your yoga of trickery and fraud
With roots and fibres, is no yoga
It is no yoga to have the trance of body, senses and soul
The real and natural is Guheshwara
5. He who is as great as linga,
has lost his senses!

He who is as great as Jangama,
Has lost his motion!

He who is as great as Prasada,
Has lost his form!

He who is as great as discipline,
Has lost his limbs!

He who is as great as consciousness,
Has lost his action!
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