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Sri Danamma Devi  
Devi Stotra  
108 Namavali  
Sri Danamma Devi Mahime
  • Adakka and Madakka - two sisters went to meet Danamma Devi and had taken two bowls of delicious sweet for her and prayed to her to accept it, but she refused as she wanted the same to be served to the Jangamas. She touched the bowls and gave it to Adakka and Madakka and asked them to serve the Jangamas of Mahamane. With the touch and blessings of Sri Danamma Devi, the two sisters could satisfy over One lakh ninety six thousand Jangamas. After that Danamma Devi gave pebbles to all the Jangamas which turned into gold and diamonds.

  • After her marriage to Somanath, Sri Danamma Devi travelled to Kashi. Wandering in a Kashi street she heard a mother's cry. She went to her and learnt that the woman's son had died. The mother immediately looking at Danamma Devi begged her to bring her son alive. She went to the child and touched his body and then told the mother to call him by his name. The son immediately awakened as if he had got up from his deep sleep.

  • Maha Nirvan:
    One day Sri Danamma Devi called her disciple Adigallesh and told him that the next week, on a Thursday she will be no more. Hearing this news, all the people gathered in Guddapur and began to cry. But Sri Danamma Devi consoled them and addressing the people she tells that though my body will disappear. I will always remain in your hearts. These who will worship me heartily I will fulfill all their wishes.

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